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Common Blade Shapes and Their Uses

Common Blade Shapes and Their Uses

27th Apr 2022

With all the different shapes and sizes that blades come in, shopping for a knife can seem like quite the arduous task. Say you need a knife for hunting. Would you want a Hawkbill blade or a Clip Point blade? Not sure of the answer? No problem! We’ve compiled a list of the most common blade shapes and their uses from brands like Spyderco and Kershaw to ensure you’re buying the right knife for your hobby, job, or task!


Hawkbill Blades

These blades have hook-shaped blades that cut with a pulling motion and work great for cutting fishing wire, rope, and fabric. Spyderco Knives has a great selection of Hawkbill blades, like the one seen above!


Spear Point Blades

These blades have a symmetrical design with an equal amount of curve on the top and bottom of the blade. They can have either one side of the edge sharpened or both! Spear point blades are great for everyday carry and tactical purposes. As seen above, Benchmade carries some excellent spear point knives!


Drop Point Blades

Hence the name, these all-purpose blades have a point that drops below the blade’s spine (the unsharpened part of the blade). The large curve of the blade is excellent for every day carry. Benchmade Knives makes solid and durable Drop Point blades, like the one seen above!


Clip Point BladesLike Drop Point, these blades have points that drop below the blade’s spine but are “clipped” in a way that makes a concave tip instead of a convex one. Clip Points add some extra piercing power which makes them widely used for every day carry pocket knives. Kershaw Knives has some of the best selections of Clip Point blades, like the one seen above!


Wharncliffe Blades

This style of blade has been around for hundreds of years. Modern designs have a completely flat cutting edge and a spine that gradually tapers to the blade’s tip. These blades are perfect for cutting wood or performing utility work that involves push cuts. Spyderco Knives also has some of the best Wharncliffe knives, as seen in the picture above! 


Trailing Point Blades

The most distinguishing characteristic of these blades is their tips that end above the knife’s spine. Additionally, most trailing points have a deep belly curve that works wonders for skinning and other hunting tasks. Like the one seen above, Zero Tolerance makes superior trailing point knives!


Tanto Blades

Tanto, translated to “short sword,” is a type of blade that resembles a samurai’s sword. The angled edge, matched with the strong and durable tip, makes these blades perfect for tactical use and self-defense. Kershaw Knives makes an excellent Tanto blade that will never let you down, just like the one seen in the picture above!

Now that you know about the common types of blades, you can be sure you’re buying the right blade for every day carry or your hunting/camping trip. Check out Knifework’s massive selection of knives, where we carry all the best brands and every type of blade.